Curriculum Vitae

Paul A. Fiechter

 At international congresses, Paul A. Fiechter is a welcome opinion leader in aesthetics of anterior and posterior teeth. Moreover, he studies intensively the natural chewing surface and its function principle.


Until now, Paul A. Fiechter is one of the few opinion leaders strongly engaged in aesthetics and who is able to give detailed statements about the function of the ceramic veneered occlusal surface. Since 1988 he is travelling all over Europe, Japan, South America and the United States giving lectures.

He also played a substantial role in the lab-technical development of the LFC full ceramic system and the Ducera light dynamic sets.


During the last years, Paul A. Fiechter studied more and more the light-optic phenomenon of teeth. He has been one of the first opinion leaders worldwide understanding and interpreting the correlation between fluorescence and opalescence in the ceramic layer technique. Shortly he developed in close cooperation with Heraeus Kulzer the Matrix ceramic sets. These ceramic masses interact with changing lighting conditions and produce a natural and lively play of colours.



Born in Switzerland (Swiss citizen). Grown up in Austria. Training to a dental technician in Austria


  • Final examination to a dental technician in Vienna
  • Performances in several Top laboratories in Germany
  • Co-operation with the gnathologist Dr. W. Heidenreich (Germany)
  • First publication about  the bio- mechanics of the chewing surface (Quintessence publishing house)
  • First lectures about “occlusion” in Europe and Japan
  • Master examination (MDT)
  • Performance in a special laboratory for Implantologie in Toronto, Canada
  • Co-operation with Dr. Robert Zena (University of Louisville Kentucky, USA)
  • Co-author in the book “Implantatprotetik” (Dr. Zena P. Fiechter published by : new Merkur)
  • Development of the LFC (Low fusing ceramic - full ceramic(s) of concept -) with the company Ducera (LFC the steps into the future published by: quintessence)
  • Opening an own laboratory with training center in Germany
  • Development of the golden gate Lightdynamic concept with the company Degudent
  • Co-author in the book “Ceramic layering techniques” (publishing by: new Merkur)
  • Winner of the “Pfannenstiel award” for the best publication in the magazine  Dental 

             laboratory (publishing by: new Merkur) during an period of 2 years

  • Development of the Heraceram matrix concept with the company Heraeus Kulzer
  • Publication “Heraceram matrix - the discovery of the aesthetic code” (published by: dental    dialog)
  • Development of the Heraceram navigator concept with the company Heraeus Kulzer
  • International lecturer and hands-on training activities